by Ashley Rose Wellman

directed by Peter Blackburn

J U L Y 1 2 - 2 6


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“What do you think is wrong with people like that? Like her? Writing to men in prison, heaping Ivan Milat or David Birnie or Ted Bundy with fan letters. Fan letters!” 

Shelby Boden (Stanley) is a cynical stand-up comedian trying to survive in the shadow of her father (Blackman), a man who's done bad, bad things. When she discovers that her father is marrying Sylvia (Nicholas), an eccentric young performance artist that writes to criminals, morbid curiosity leads these two women to develop a strange, charged friendship. With the looming and dangerous presence of the bloodshed in their bloodline, the entire Boden family (Cerche, Powell) is left contending with damages that could be irreparable.

From the brilliant mind of Ashley Rose Wellman comes the Australian Premiere of her work, You Are the Blood, a finalist for the 2017 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and the 2018 Blue Ink Playwriting Award. Directed by Peter Blackburn (Best Director at LA Scene Awards for Ruben Guthrie, The Trial of Dorian Gray, Stupid F*cking Bird) and starring Andrew Blackman (Barracuda, House Husbands, Mortified, A Country Practice), Broadway World nominee Vivienne Powell (Shameless, Love, Australian Theatre Company’s Ruben Guthrie), Green Room Award nominee Jem Nicholas (Doctor Blake Mysteries, Red Stitch’s Love, Love, Love and Rules for Living), James Cerche (Bloom, Judy & Punch), and Jessica Stanley (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Theatre Works’ Ross & Rachel).

This morbid comedy lures you in with familiar, likeable characters, then shocks you with every dark turn it takes. A timely and twisted family drama that explores pop culture’s fascination with serial killers, family inheritance of sin, and the journey to forgiveness.

This will be the second production from Spinning Plates Co., following their critically acclaimed debut, Ross & Rachel, in 2018 at Melbourne Fringe Festival.

JULY 13 - 26

Preview performance July 12th.

Please note Sunday shows will be commencing at 5pm. All other shows will be commencing at 7:30pm.

Performance duration is approximately 90 minutes.


Directed by Peter Blackburn

Assistant Directed by Faran Martin

Produced by Justin Anderson

Performed by Andrew Blackman, James Cerche, Jem Nicholas, Vivienne Powell and Jessica Stanley

Set & Costume design by Abbie-Lea Hough

Sound design by Justin Gardam

Lighting design by Lachlan McLean

Costume design by Abbie-Lea Hough

Stage Managed by Beth Gallagher

Photography by Jack Dixon-Gunn

Graphic design by Ashley Tardy

CONTENT WARNING: This performance contains moderate coarse language and adult themes, including descriptions, but not depictions, of violent and gruesome acts, sometimes of a sexual nature. It is not suitable for persons under the age of 15.

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes on our photoshoot day for our upcoming production of You Are The Blood.



written by James Fritz

directed by Faran Martin


Ross & Rachel Poster v2.png

Praise for Jessica Stanley & Faran Martin

“Stanley's performance is magnificent as she navigates the cross narratives and embodies the different identities…This is no mean feat for a performer and Jessica Stanley continually amazes” - Weekend Notes

“Stanley convincingly flits between reality and sitcom, taking the star couple far from the television set.” - The Age

“This particular production stars powerhouse actress Jessica Stanley…Stanley grabs this one-person show by the bull horn and rides the emotional rollercoaster of two very different characters like a seasoned performer.” - BCause Arts

“Stanley gives a committed performance with a demanding script that calls for sudden emotional and tonal changes” - mymelbournearts

“Kudos to Stanley. Ross & Rachel is a marathon... not for one single second did I feel [Stanley] was not in control...she never let us leave the story." - What Did She Think?

“Stanley flawlessly portrays each character” - Bcause Arts

“Great performance from Jessica, and good direction. Faran Martin has let the action and narrative flow. If I had more time I would return. It deserves a second look.” - Peter Green, 3mbs 


“Look at all those couples. Which one will leave. Which one will run. Which one is cheating on the other. Which one will die first.

Him. Him. Her. Him.”

Two lives with only one ending, James Fritz’s masterful play for one actor picks up ten years after the tv show ends, summoning then swiftly exploding nostalgia to confront the aching question – what happens after the end, after you find “the one”? Ross & Rachel lures us in with friendly familiarity only to rip the gloss off the pop-culture-placebo and expose the uncomfortably uneven edges that hold our sometimes boring, sometimes surprising, tragic, funny lives together. Lives we are still tempted to compare to the one with the happy ending.

Following a hit debut season at Edinburgh Fringe, Ross & Rachel finally premieres in Australia. Performed by Jessica Stanley (Ménage, MFF16) and directed by Faran Martin, this candid exposé of marriage, doubt, connection and the inconceivable takes us on an unguided tour of life after the credits roll on our twenties.

No knowledge of the TV series Friends is required to enjoy this show. For those devotees, this is the one that you didn’t see coming…




Directed by Faran Martin

Performed by Jessica Stanley

Produced by James Cerche

Assistant Directed by Jessica Martin

Lighting Design by Lachlan McLean

Sound Design by Georgie Wolfe

Photography by Sarah Clarke


Content Warning: Contains moderate coarse language and adult themes, including references to suicide and terminal illness.


Auslan Interpreted performance on Thursday September 20th.


An amateur production by arrangement with Dominie Drama on behalf of Nick Hern Books.

"Playful, post-modern and devastatingly serious all at once" - Time Out

“Exquisitely written” – Broadway Baby

“An astute critique of the way romantic narratives absorb two people into a single identity” - The Guardian

“uses pop culture as a way of exploring common fears and anxieties. You don’t have to have seen a single episode of Friends to respond to what the play is saying... ” - The Stage

“A fiercely sharp yet tender anatomy of the lie of love.” - Exeunt Magazine

“For an entertaining and eye-opening take on life, love and relationships, Ross and Rachel is guaranteed to make audiences laugh and cry” - Theater Scene

“A well-written and beautifully performed duologue for fans of Friends, haters of Friends, and those with no opinion either way.” - Theatre is Easy